If you consider coupons to be an antiquated form of marketing, you couldn’t be more wrong. Though physically clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper is an act that many avoid participating in, coupons are more popular than ever. It is estimated that 97 percent of all consumers look for a deal whenever they shop, whether online or in the store. In fact, 92 percent of shoppers used a coupon within the last year. This consistency makes mobile coupons a no-brainer technique for most businesses.

Digital coupons streamline the process by letting the consumer enjoy savings and rewards by simply showing the coupon on the screen of their mobile phone or entering a code upon checkout. Simple, quick, and trackable, digital coupons allow you to tempt customers to return to your online shop or local store without creating waste. Furthermore, mobile coupons can be targeted towards a specific set of customers, specifically speaking to the needs and shopping expectations of your most loyal clients. Delivered by email, through MMS messages or as loyalty rewards and website enticements, digital coupons boost sales while building trust.

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